Ken Phelan Concrete drilling B.V.

Ken Phelan Concrete Drilling BV is a reputable company for drilling, sawing and Resin Fixing techniques. Our core business is:

Concrete drilling and concrete cutting

Ken Phelan Concrete Drilling BV has been a tried and trusted company for more than 15 years for all sorts and sizes of cutting, drilling and Resin Fixing techniques. We drill into concrete, refractory stone and asphalt.

ken phelan drilling

Concrete Drilling Company for businesses

We ensure all our concrete drilling and cutting activities are quickly and efficiently carried out because we are flexible and have more than 30 years experience in the diamond drilling and cutting world. We are a concrete drilling company for both businesses and private contractors, for construction, demolition and renovation, home and abroad. Day or night we are ready for anything.

Drilling in concrete, asphalt and refractory stone

We are specialised in many different sorts of concrete drilling and cutting activities. We can do the following: concrete drilling, concrete cutting, anchoring, groove cutting and demolition, drilling into steel, plastic, copper and iron.

We use diamond tools or other specific professional apparatus.

In short, we cut and drill almost anything to a very high quality finish, through concrete, asphalt or stone, refractory materials, steel, iron and copper. The thickness and diameter of the materials are variable. The techniques we use are cutting edge; the results are outstanding.

We carry out drilling activities in blast furnaces for various, world-wide steel companies, eg Tata. For example we drill tap holes, Salamander holes, and other kinds of holes with extremely large diameters in refractory materials or steel.

Drilling for private contractors

We also take on drilling and cutting contracts from private contractors such as window and door recesses, ventilation systems, fireplaces, stairways and boiler ducts.