Services & techniques

Our business is roughly divided into five segments:

Concrete (core) drilling

We use a variety of techniques for drilling holes, such as pneumatic drilling, electrical drilling and hydraulic drilling.

ken phelan drilling

Pneumatic Drilling

Pneumatic drilling/air drilling; Widia drilling (irregular size) diameters from 12mm up to 65mm for cutting , cable ends, expansion joints etc. Drilling and sawing of holes and recesses with pneumatically driven diamond tools in spark-free environments.

Electric Drilling 220/110 Volts

Electric (water cooled) drilling/wet drilling 220/110 volts; with Widia or diamond drills, diameters up to 300mm.

Electric Drilling 380/400 Volts

Electric (water-cooled) drilling/wet drilling 380/400 volts; with diamond drills, diameters up to 600mm.

Hydraulic Drilling

Hydraulic drilling; diameters up to 1500mm. This technique is used for drilling large diameters, for instance in road construction for soil research, and soundings where we drill through the asphalt layer and through the underlying hardened layers.

We can drill into a variety of materials such as asphalt (hardened), (reinforced) concrete, stone, refractory, steel, drainage systems, plastic, iron and copper. We can do this for construction, renovation, industry, government institutions and also for private contractors.

Drilling applications

We can also make grooves/channels for cables, ventilation systems, extraction fans, built-in recesses, open fireplaces, central heating systems, drains, access vents in floors, walls, ceilings and foundations.