Services & techniques

Our business is roughly divided into five segments:

Concrete cutting, sawing, concrete grinding

We can saw all kinds of materials including concrete, stone, asphalt, gibo, system floors.

ken phelan drilling

Concrete and stone cutting

For cutting concrete and stone we use the following:

  • Floor cutting machine (380/400 volts or internal combustion engine)
  • Wall mounted cutting machine (380/400 volts or hydraulic engine)
  • Hand held cutting machine (circle saw, chain saw, or ring saw)
  • Wire saw (electric or hydraulic)

We can cut horizontally, vertically, or use a variety of angles (between 0 and 90 degrees) in concrete floors and walls. We cut openings for doors, windows, access vents, lifts, foundations and dilation joints. We can also attach detection loops or demolition cables. We cut with expertise and accuracy and we use the best quality tools.

Hydraulic and 400 volt cutting machines are necessary for cutting through thick and heavily reinforced floors and walls to a thickness of 750mm. 220 volts are used with hand held machines for cutting superficial walls and floors. We also use wire saws for unlimited cutting depths, if necessary using sound dampeners and vibration free techniques.

Cutting applications

  • Concrete (floors/walls)
  • Cut new concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Masonry work (door and/or wall recesses)
  • Detection loops (asphalt and concrete) for service doors or gates and traffic lights
  • Recesses for lifts, staircases and other types of installations.
  • Dilation joints for cutting into floors and walls
  • Groove/channels cutting into floors and walls

We carry out cutting work in construction, renovation, for industry and for private contractors.